Facade cleaning with QLEEN

Glass, ceramic, aluminium and steel determine our modern urban architecture. Shapes and materials get more and more daring, but an unproblematic and efficient cleaning of façade elements is hardly taken into account during the planning and construction period. Quite often, the single glass or façade components are hard to reach, which makes a cleaning with conventional methods time-consuming and costly. Here, the proven cleaning with QLEEN Pure Water Cleaning Systems offers the perfect alternative to conventional cleaning methods with lifts and ladder.

Proven in practice – fast, efficient and flexible

For one of his projects, the manager of FassadEX, Alexander Krischewski, had to choose a perfectly suitable cleaning procedure. Facades of a school building with excessive algae and moss formation were to be cleaned – cost-efficient and within the shortest possible time. Furthermore, without substantial impairments of the school activities. The facades consisted of sensitive ceramic plates which had to be cleaned in a smooth procedure and without mechanical and chemical stress. As these up to 10 metres high facades were not accessible with lifting platforms in many places, the FassadEX team decided to use a QLEEN system. With QLEEN it was possible to clean the facades and windows of the school without problems and very efficiently in one step – safe and directly from the ground, without impairments of the school activities. Another advantage of the QLEEN system was the very short assembly and disassembly periods and the low water and energy consumption. No costs related to lifts, lifting cars, aerial platforms or scaffolds occurred.