Glass facades cleaning

Glass facades and winter gardens need regular cleaning and care to ensure that you have an amazing view there and take much pleasure from it over many years. With its practice-proven components and cleaning systems, Lehmann offers comprehensive solutions for a fast and thorough cleaning of glass surfaces and frames – perfect for indoor and outdoor cleaning.

Whether small winter gardens or high, angular glass structures: cleaning solutions as easy, efficient and effective as possible are needed. The cleaning by means of demineralized water is the perfect and most efficient solution for nearly all requirements.

The most affordable cleaning solution for up to six metre heights:

The LEWI PURASTART system is perfectly suitable for a use with heights up to 6 metres. Just connect it to the public water supply and the proven Lehmann water processing technology transforms normal tap water into the powerfully cleaning, pure water needed for the cleaning process. With the LEWI PURASTART system, you may clean and service winter gardens, pavilions, projecting roofs, windows, front facades, carports or even solar modules comfortably – directly from the ground, without using a ladder or a lifting platform.

The professional cleaning solution for use with heights up to 20 metres:

Cleaning performances of more than 200 square metres per our can be achieve when including the electrically rotating brush ROTAQLEEN into the work. Various brush widths and bristle hardnesses enable manifold uses for sensitive or harder tasks. Cleaning with a QLEEN is up to 10 times faster than a cleaning with the conventional manual methods. Optimally suited for a cleaning of larger glass surfaces, glass domes, roofings, tilted glass surfaces, facades, solar plants, photovoltaic modules, noise protection embankments or signage.

The system solution for fast and thorough indoor cleaning:

The LEWI INDOOR system comprises of stabile telescope poles, a vaporizing system for “pure” water and high-tech microfiber pads. The cleaning is carried out directly from the ground which enables fast and safe working. Which saves time and money. Cleans all washable indoor surfaces smoothly, e. g. glass, mirrors, elevators, partition wall systems, partitions and glass showcases.