Innowacyjne mycie modułów fotowoltaicznych Lewi Polska
Innowacyjne mycie modułów fotowoltaicznych Lewi Polska

Reliable cleaning solutions for private or commercial solar power plants.

Installed solar power plants are exposed to pollutants and contaminations day by day. Even after short periods of use, dirt impairs the plant efficiency and reduces the yield. Only regular solar cleanings can prevent this.

With the system family QLEEN SOLAR, the Lehmann KG offers professional and proven solutions for cleaning private and commercial solar power plants. QLEEN SOLAR systems are designed for mobile use and very flexible. They can be easily adapted to different cleaning conditions. High-quality components and reliable tools ensure fast and efficient cleaning of smaller and larger plants – at any time.

QLEEN systems work with demineralized water (“pure water”), thus, enabling environmentally friendly and gentle solar cleaning – without any chemistry. Even in the concept stage, it was a special concern of the Lehmann development team that the company’s products use only little water and energy during their daily cleanings work. Thus, QLEEN SOLAR systems get along with less than 160 litres of water per hour in practice.

Particularly suitable for entering the professional solar cleaning field and for cleaning works in heights up to 21 metres: QLEEN DISY SOLAR.  When cleaning with QLEEN DISY SOLAR and the rotating special brush ROTAQLEEN, long life-cycle, performance and yield of PV and solar plants are verifiably ensured.