„Pure“ Water is convincing with vehicle cleaning, too. Even stubborn dirt (e. g. insect deposits) can be removed quickly and without residues. Using the power of “pure” water, the Lehmann products enable clear views and cleanliness – environmentally friendly and efficient. There is no longer a need to wipe, no stains and stripes remain on the finish after drying.

QLEEN Systems are used for cleaning the front and the vision area of speed trains. Tilted surfaces of different size and decline can be cleaned fast due to a wide selection of bows and joints. Even problematic spots or heights can be easily reached from the ground with the individually adaptable pole system. Thus, QLEEN systems ensure clean and well-tended vehicles.

LEWI automotive chamoises for sparkingly clean windows and surfaces, without stripes and stains. For surfaces with normal pollution, no additional cleaning agent is needed but only water. With a LEWI automotive chamois, glass and finish surfaces can be wiped gently – actively absorbing and easy-care.