A mobile set for washing photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic farms, glass surfaces, facades and roofs with demineralized water.
It is a washing machine with RO, Reverse Osmosis (RO – Reverse Osmosis) system for water demineralization.
It is possible to work with the ROTAQLEEN Classic and Vario rotary brushes – the most advanced washing brush on the market!

Reverse Osmosis System – 4 filters work.
Water demineralization begins with a pre-filter, then passes through 2 membranes, and thanks to an additional filter with resin granules, it reaches 0 μS (microsiemens), i.e. perfect water purity / demineralization.

Thanks to the properties (Osmotic, deionized demineralized water), the surface of photovoltaic panels, glass surfaces and other surfaces is washed with a neutral electrostatic charge, preventing the surface from getting dirty again (it stays clean longer), does not attract dirt, does not leave streaks.



Important facts about RO systems in the world:
If you want to use a water tank (external power supply) without connection to a pressurized water supply, you must have an additional pump to increase the water pressure, which is the standard for all RO devices on the market.
In the case of washing / cleaning in places without access to pressurized water, devices with a resin filter are the best solution.
The essence of any reverse osmosis system is a slight minus associated with the consumption of water by about 30-40% as opposed to ion exchange (resin) filters, which may have a strategic impact on the purchase of an appropriate washing machine.
Considering the constantly growing prices of water and transport, this fact may have a large impact on the performance of the service by the operator (the ordering party’s regret):

much more water consumption
much heavier water transport and its cost, in the event of a power failure,
40% waste water (i.e. 400L for every 1000L of water), which must be drained somewhere without flooding the area.

RO systems operate only on 230V power supply, so connection to electricity or a generator is required – there are no battery solutions for this type of filtration.
Devices with a resin filter (ion exchange) are a much more ecological and “clean” solution.

The advantage of this system is work with very hard water, ie over 10.7 mval / dm³ (physical unit).
Very hard water in various scales:

  • international:> 5.35 mmol / l
  • German:> 30 ° dH
  • American:> 535 CaCO3 mg / l
  • English:> 37.45 ° e
  • French:> 53.5 ° F

elegant design
easy access to components
quick replacement of the pre-filter and resin granules (only 0.5 kg)
remote control (remote control)
display with the current water measurement
large road wheels to help avoid obstacles
total filtration up to 380L / h (60% (~ 228L) demineralized water, 40% (~ 152L) waste water)
work with poles up to a length of 15-16m

The device has a pump supporting pressure up to 2.3-2.8 bar, however, like all RO systems, the devices require a pressurized water supply.

The service life of RO membranes until the next replacement is about 10,000 liters of water, but the real dependence is on the hardness of the water entering the device.