• Belt, Quiver & Holster.

Belt, Quiver & Holster

With the LEWI holster, the LEWI quiver and the LEWI apron, you have the most important items always at hand and, thus, will be able to work fast and speedy. All aprons, belts, quivers and holsters are particularly robust and stable. High-quality materials ensure a long durability. Holsters: Made of best leather, very sturdy. Single or double window wiper and washer absorb safely. Apron: with 3 large pockets that offer enough space for tools (cloths, scraper etc.) Made of sturdy sailcloth particularly strongly sewn together and riveted.

Chamois leather.
LEWI chamois leather for clean windows and surfaces, without streaks and stains. No other cleaning agent than water is needed for normally polluted windows. LEWI chamois leathers are natural products environmentally friendly, skin-compatible, actively absorbing, easy-care and antistatic. This is what makes them so popular among cleaning professionals...

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