• Indoor Systems

Indoor Systems

The system solution for fast and perfect indoor cleaning. Surfaces dry streak-free due to the use of demineralized water. The cleaning is carried out directly from the ground. For working heights of up to 10 metres. Thanks to the low weight and the versatility of the system solutions, even hardly accessible spots can be reached easily. LEWI Indoor Cleaning Systems can be used for cleaning windows, staircases, elevators, partition wall systems, glass doors, shop windows, showcases, mirrors or shower cubicles.

Chamois leather.
LEWI chamois leather for clean windows and surfaces, without streaks and stains. No other cleaning agent than water is needed for normally polluted windows. LEWI chamois leathers are natural products environmentally friendly, skin-compatible, actively absorbing, easy-care and antistatic. This is what makes them so popular among cleaning professionals...

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