We advise you individually and comprehensively. This is how we guarantee that our customers get always the right solution for their specific cleaning requirements.


If required, our systems can be adapted to individual customer needs. Apart from individual configurations, even a production of own brands is an option. Get in contact with us.


Lehmann trusts in the quality and reliability of its products. Due to this, we offer our customers from the European Union territory an extraordinary 24 months guarantee, regardless statutory warrantee rights and not limiting them.


Technology is a crucial success factor. New products and systems bring a vital competitive advantage. With our QLEEN financing solutions you get the opportunity to invest directly into your future.


Customers who decided to use Lehmann cleaning systems may rely on a longstanding Lehmann product support. Whether world-wide spare part service, professional repairs, processing or modification of older systems – Lehmann takes care of its customers for the entire product life-cycle.

Via our distribution partner network, customers get the opportunity to train the correct use of Lehmann products.


Customer service is not important the day when client purchases the product, but throughout entire usage time. We deliver every client a warranty service as well as professional support when it expires. To meet our clients needs we are doing our best to enables them access to all spare parts provided by LEHMANN KG. Moreover, over qualified staff are capable of repairing every device delivered to our service.

Considering this policy we strongly advise to keep these conditions listed below:

  • LEWI-POLSKA ensures normal operation of provided devices, which are covered by the warranty provided that the device is used correctly according to utilization conditions.
  • LEWI-POLSKA ensures free-of-charge malfunction removal of all LEHMANN KG devices which meet the warranty conditions.
  • As a foundation of the warranty, fulfilled original warranty card is considered, together with a proof of purchase. Warranty card content has to be checked with the device.
  • Warranty lasts 24 months from the date of purchase. Repair time is 10 working days, counted from the day devices is delivered to our service. In case when the repair requires spare parts import from abroad, repair time can elongate up to 21 days. LEWI-POLSKA is not responsible for warranty punctuality in case service activity will be disturbed by random factors.
  • Device should be delivered inside original packaging. In case of not having the original packaging, client bears the risk of device damage during transportation.
  • Warranty does not consider natural wear of components.
    Warranty is not considered when:
  • Device and proof or purchase are incompatible, information from the warranty card is illegible or changes have been made in the warranty card by unauthorized person.
  • The serial number of the device is damaged
  • Unauthorized interference is discovered (damaged warranty stickers)
  • Damage has occurred due to the external factors as: usage not according to the manual, atmospheric phenomena, pollution, radiation, mechanical damage, improper power supply, connection to unearthed power socket etc.
  • If during service there is found, that damage is caused by the user, device will be returned with the bill for the repair. Please carefully check the malfunction cause, before sending the device to our service.